11595E 41V50 Steel
5.56mm NATO Chamber
Hard Chrome Lining
X-Ray and MP Inspected

Our barrel blanks are made from MIL-B-11595E Certified (41V50 CMV) Steel. They are chambered and rifled to best suit the purpose of each particular barrel. The gas ports are properly sized. Our barrels are finished with hard chrome bores and chambers. After completing a Quality Control inspection of the raw blanks, each barrel is checked for proper headspacing, profile dimensions, gas port size and location. Muzzle Crowns are inspected under magnification.

All SIONICS barrels receive a durable Manganese-Phosphate outer finish.

Our barrels are 100% X-Ray and Magnetic Particle inspected by an independent ANSI Certified facility.

Feed ramps and chambers are lightly polished and if required, front sight bases are installed in a custom alignment fixture using hardened and tapered cross pins.